Best mobile phones for playing games

Mobile phones are an amazing leap in technology from the older devices we used to use, they now let us do so much more than we ever could before be it something as simple as sharing what we are doing over the internet with our friends or something more complex such as translating the local language in order to understand signs in another country. All of this and much much more can be accomplished with a smartphone these days and is why many people think that they could not live without theirs. One aspect that many people turn to their phone for these days is to entertain themselves, and while searching the internet and watching videos on YouTube may be fun nothing can quite compare to playing a video game. Not surprisingly in a modern world where online casinos are extremely popular casino games on mobile phones are also very popular.

Best mobile phones for playing games

It has never been easier to play these casino games either, unlike other kinds of games that you would normally have to download from the app store. Casino games are instead able to be played in your web browser as the online casino websites like have mobile friendly versions of all your favourite games to play. But in order to do this you first have to own a phone that can go on the internet and that can be confusing enough to get into when you don’t know much. If you are looking at buying a phone so that you can play games and other things try and make a list of everything you want to do and then compare it to research you do online as to what the phones can actually do. Some great phones you can look at are the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 as these are two top of the line phones that will do nearly everything you could want.

Three of the world’s freakiest animals

If you love learning about weird and wonderful things, from bizarre-looking animals, to the planet’s most dangerous plants, then you have come to the right place because this blog post will teach you about just three of the world’s strangest creatures.

The world is inhabited by more species of fish than mammals, birds and reptiles put together. It’s thought that we have only discovered a tiny fraction of the world’s fish species because billions of creatures live too deep in the ocean for humans to reach. It’s thought that a staggering 5,425,000 invertebrates will never be discovered. It’s weird to think that while we are minding our own business, living our lives, whether we’re just playing Partypoker or taking a walk, millions of unknown species are dying and being born right beneath our feet, hundreds of miles down in the sea. It’s also such a shame that so many of them will never be discovered.

From giant salamanders the size of grown men to rock climbing fish, planet earth is home to some truly bizarre, and at times frightening, creatures. However, they serve an ecological purpose and these strange animals are fascinating in their own unique way.

Chinese Giant Salamander

The United States is also home to a huge salamander called the Hellbender. This endangered species may look scary but they are rather passive, despite being able to grow up to six feet long. Imagine the size of its tongue!

Giant Coconut Crab

These enormous crabs can crack a coconut in one swipe, but luckily for humans they’re too slow to be very dangerous. Just watch out for those pincers!

Climbing fish

Imagine if your pet goldfish suddenly began to scale the aquarium with its hands? Well the climbing fish has shocked scientists because it happens to be a very skilled rock climber.The fish, called a Lithogenes wahari, has specialized pelvic fins which act as gripping “hands” to climb terrain. It is an incredibly rare species which scientists are desperate to learn more about.