16 Differently-different pool tables!

Are you guys still stuck on the mundane pool tables at the pubs and clubs? We guys here, have cool taste buds – nothing too sweet neither too salty, goes down our gut – so we find spice in just about anything. Differently-different spree of pool tables is just one spicy collection of how cool, gaming on that expensive shitty-table, could get shittier.

The lonely pool table

Only for professionals

The floating pool table

Driving on pool

The World’s highest pool table (17,000ft)

Dine and pool with a 180-degree flip!

A cool‘Pool’ Table

The automatic pool table

Easy potting pool table

2-in-1 pool table

Naturally cool pool table

Now that’s called strange

The portable pool table

The disappearing pool table

Coffin shaped pool table

Hope you liked the post, did miss we something?

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