3.5-Inch HDD Silicone Case

3.5-Inch HDD Silicone Case

Users who constantly use those currently popular hard drive docking stations will definitely worry about how they normally store their precious hard disk when it isn’t docked. It’s all fine and dandy when it’s sitting in the dock, but when you unplug it, you probably leave it lying around your desk, which makes it an easy target for knocks, which your hard disk definitely isn’t fond of. Brando has noticed this and is currently selling a 3.5-inch silicone case for your naked hard disk, giving it some (meager) form of protection. About a third of the casing is detachable for when you want to plug it into the docking station. If you’re fussy about the health of your hard disks, then $17 probably isn’t too much to pay.

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