A Chinese farmer and his family of 26 robots!

Wu Yulu, 46, a Chinese farmer has spent 65% of his life making a robot family for himself. He has managed to make 26 robots over the past 30 years. These robots have various talents ranging from calligraphy writing, playing musical instruments, serving water, lighting cigarettes to his favorite i.e Wu No.25 – a rickshaw puller who drives him around the local area, and can walk for up to six hours on one battery charge.

He says – “They are all my sons, so they must bear my surname,”. He has named them Wu No.1 to Wu No.26. His obsession for robots has plunged his family into debts, spending 2/3rd of his income on robots for the past thirty years. Check this out – He is not an engineer (just done some basic education) and not even from Japan. Wow! Hats off mate, hope you get out of those crises soon!

Via: Ananova

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