Aegis Mobility DriveAssistT Software

Aegis Mobility DriveAssistT Software

Talking on the cell phone while driving is dangerous, even when you’re using a hands-free kit since your attention isn’t 100% on the road itself while blabbering away, no matter how well you think you are able to multitask. Aegis Mobility aims to put a stop to that with its DriveAsssistT software that is able to detect whether a cell phone is moving at car speeds – whenever that happens, your cellular network will be notified by the software to hold off calls and text messages until the drive is over. What happens if I’m on a train, and the software thinks that I’m actually speeding on the highway? Well, I guess that will have to be answered by users of this software. Of course, important calls can still get through if the caller decides to override the software. Aegis Mobility hopes to release the DriveAssistT software sometime early next year, and will cost around $10 to $20 per family each month.

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