Aerosystems Loudspeakers Work With iPods Too

Aerosystems Loudspeakers Work With iPods Too

Jean-Michel Jarre is the brain behind the Aerosystems system of loudspeakers that aim to deliver for form and function in a single device, and good thing it does so convincingly. This beauty uses ultra-resistant glass in the enclosure envelope, holding an integrated amplifier at its base. Normal speakers can’t hold a candle to the Aerosystems loudspeakers since its electronic circuit signal processing is able to restore low and treble frequencies for all your MP3 encoding. In addition, it is up to date with the latest iPods, including the iPhone 3G and iPod touch along with the iPod 4G, iPod 5G, iPod mini and iPod nano . Just make sure you have at least 449 Euros in your bank account before bringing one home.

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