Aevex Gloves Are Self-Heating

Aevex Gloves Are Self-Heating

With the chilly winter looming, it makes sense to prepare for the season, so why not update your winter clothing range with Aevex Gloves instead of normal woolen ones? What makes the Aevex gloves different is the ability to store energy in its lithium-polymer batteries, delivering warmth over a 6 hour period. Interestingly enough, due to the way the textile functions, the gloves will only allocate heat as and when required in order to conserve energy. They won’t come cheap though, as the Mountain Hardwear Red Savina and Outdoor Research PrimoVolta will retail for $300 and $260, respectively. Of course, you can still use these once the batteries are exhausted, but your fingers won’t be that nice and warm. Better bring a spare pair so that you can remain comfortable and cosy while charging the Aevex gloves.

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