AirPod Vehicle Runs On Compressed Air

AirPod Vehicle Runs On Compressed Air

The AirPod vehicle is a three-seater that uses a proprietary compressed air system to move around, thanks to electricity that forces air to power the engine’s pistons. Judging by the design, parking with this should be pretty easy considering the diminutive size. Don’t expect it to hit mainstream markets until 2010 at the very earliest, although there is a chance of it arriving in India and Europe a bit sooner. Don’t expect to use the AirPod and go across the country as it has a limited range of approximately 130 miles with a top speed of 40 mph. You will need to refill it with a specialized compressed air filling station, but last time I checked on my GPS system, none of these are available as yet. At least there is the alternative of using a traditional home air compressor.

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