Android has a Kill switch too

Android has a Kill switch too

In August, Apple confirmed that the iPhone had a kill switch, causing an uproar in some circles. It turns out that Google’s Android has a kill switch too, but because it is disclosed in the terms and conditions, there’s little ground for an uproar… More importantly, if Google removes an application that a user has acquired, the company says that it would try to get a refund (full or partial) to the customer. Note that they will *try*. Given the open nature of Android, it is normal to assume that there is a higher probability that the kill switch will be needed at some point, but to be fair, Apple argues that they too need a way to remove rogue apps, even if they have passed Apple’s initial screening.

Google may discover a product that violates the developer distribution agreement … in such an instance, Google retains the right to remotely remove those applications from your device at its sole discretion,” (<A href=’http://

android has a kill switch too

‘>via ComputerWorld)

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