Asus R710 Portable Navigation Device

Asus R710 Portable Navigation Device

Asus is back with a new portable navigation device – the R710 that will boast an industry first in the form of an optional PathFinder Heads-Up Display (HUD) which helps drivers to keep their eyes on what’s important – not on that leggy blonde who just walked by, but on the road. The HUD is able to project important information like directions and speed among others on the vehicle’s windshield. The device comes with a 5″ touch screen display, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity for hands-free conversations, integrated echo-canceling software, an automatic brightness control chip for the display, and an SD memory card slot. The R710 is powered by Windows CE Net 5.0 and is compatible with popular audio, video and image formats of today. No idea on pricing or information as at press time.

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