Asus Working On Multitouch Eee PCs

Asus Working On Multitouch Eee PCs

Asus isn’t content by resting on its laurels with the unprecedented success of its Eee PC range, but is already at work on a touch screen Eee PC and a dual-core Eee variant which won’t break the $300 price point. While the dual core model will be powered by Intel’s Atom platform, what we’re more interested in is the touch screen model which could possibly tout multitouch capability. At such a low price point, it will definitely bring droves of users to the netbook market and will probably see many more people upgrade their current netbooks due to the ‘wow’ factor. At the $300 price point, I would say that is very reasonably priced and could tempt me to part with my money, being the fool that I am. What about you?

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