Loren Kulesus’ IPVSM skateboard: Too curly to ride on

Whether okay or horrific, plain or intricate, functional or glitzy, balanced or overdone, it’s all in perception. Accordingly, creativity constantly takes in these benchmarks so that we may shape our judgment. Anyway, it’s individual opinion that makes or breaks a conception. Well, this IPVSM skateboard designed by Loren Kulesus is an art and a conundrum in chorus. I appreciate the ingenuity of the designer in fabricating such a curly skateboard; a novelty, it surely is!

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Wooden Classics you’d love to ride on!

Sometimes, it’s better to have a replica of the object you yearn to own. I do appreciate such facsimiles and sculpts, reason being it requires dexterity on the creator’s part. Here’s one such desirable article, phony quite perceptibly, but it’s a definite artwork. Let me tell you, you’re mistaken if you think them ‘low-priced’ by any standards. So, check out this wonderful array of Wooden Classic Wheels crafted by an unknown artist; you’d surely love them all.

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World’s Smallest Bike: Micro Bike

Here, we’ve a bike that boasts of being the smallest bike on hand. Can’t you make it out? Well, you need to concentrate on the image to discover it. This chap in above picture seems to be utterly unaware of the fact that he rides the coolest machine ever-built. What goes into its making, the technical specifications and all – I, literally, don’t have any idea about it. Anyway, here’s another image after the jump that doesn’t ask you to apply your brain too much.

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Beat the chill with rechargeable heated insoles

It’s quite obvious; these are insoles. But guess what! These are heated insoles that are cordless and perfectly rechargeable. You can recharge them through wafer-thin, barely discernible lithium-ion batteries. A shockproof, ergonomic polyurethane base forms its 6-layer base. It also has a coating of heat-retaining artificial material that sidetracks glacial temperatures. So, isn’t it great news for residents of cool climes? I’m on my way to get one here for $99.95, what about you?

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Phenom Watch Phone: Could you believe, it’s 9 in 1!

Have a look at this amazing gadget! What could you make out of it? Well, if you say it’s a watch phone, you are certainly mistaken. This Phenom Watch Phone is an unlocked GSM phone, having an MP4 player, an MP3 player, a digital camera (video enabled) and a compact cool watch. That’s not all; I really appreciate its en suite compass and temperature gauge. What’s more? Its 1.3TFT touch screen is fully stylus automated. Bluetooth, a USB port and 2GB of memory, undoubtedly makes it the most up-to-date gadget. I bet over anything, you’ll really love to have one.
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11 amazing Lego Soccer Stadiums from around the globe

Soccer being the most popular sport in the world is bound to have the most number of fans. More fans means extra appraisal, and that’s all a writer wants at the end of the day. So, here I present – eleven amazing soccer stadiums from around the globe, crafted in Lego. Hope you like them!

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The Tractor House: A weird abode

Considering the tendency to own bizarre stuff, products and belongings, the list of weird never draw to a close. We desire to look different from others in everything we do or hold. In line with this notion, this Tractor House clearly stands alone, tall, and proud. Confidently, the colossal wheels of this monstrous machine bear the burden of this queer lodging atop of it. The picture above itself proves the mobility and a baffling grace this dwelling has. Well, I believe it’s a modern illustration of contemporary Mideast architecture. Though I am apprehensive about living in such a house, yet being an owner of this offbeat creation is certainly a privilege. What say?

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Weather rocket explosion reveals the darker side of cloud seeding

Cloud seeding may have raised apprehensions like contamination, nuisance to environment, and what not; have you ever heard it may prove fatal physically? China became witness to such an incident where cloud seeding actually cost Wang Diange of Inner Mongolia his life. On his cremation itself, his cadaver exploded and the oven doors burst open. Initially, natural lightning was considered to be the proximate cause of death. Finally, this silver iodide ball explosion solved the mystery behind what happened in fact. It’s definitely a strange thing to have happened, but it’s true. In the light of what has happened, the question remains unanswered whether these weather rockets are safe or not? Mr. Wang’s family received 80,000 yuan (£8,000) in compensation from the weather bureau three years after the accident. So, it’s always better to take timely precautions, rather repenting later on.

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Square root watches: Simply different from the rest

How good you are at arithmetic? Well, this Square Root wristwatch will be challenging your prowess. Well, don’t be uneasy. Having a definite edge over ordinary digital watches, the pointers of this one simply aims at the square roots that demand solution.

What makes it an eye-catching device is its exterior that boasts of a 10” black leather strap and a stain-resistant steel back. It is available in a real-attractive silver-plated brass casing. The dimensions read a simple 1-3/8″Ø face and it coats 7″-8-7/8″ wrist contentedly. $39.95 is definitely not a big ask for this unique piece of wrist-design. What say?

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Ingenuity makes a difference: Meat Purse by Nancy-Wu

Though coining it a weird creation would undeniably be a misappropriation, yet the meat purse designed by Nancy-Wu has an allusion of erratic artisanship. It is a blend of craft and style having beefy external surface making it evermore witty. Mind you, it’s handmade piece of buckskin that may force you to appreciate the ingenuity of this California-based designer.

Handing your hard-earned bucks over to this beef jerky wallet is definitely going to make a difference. Call it erratic, humorous creativity, or what not, some serious pondering over components used in fashioning it differentiates it from the rest. Slung round the shoulders, this brawny wallet surely is indicative of accessories revisited. Well, as of now, there is not even the least trace of the pricing and availability. So, keep waiting with your fingers crossed.

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