Santa cycling in a shark aquarium

  • If you happen to go about cycling in a shark aquarium, make sure they are feed proper, and instead of a Santa outfit, it’s advisable that a shark suit must be worn.

Apparently, this guy (in the picture above) is a full on professional, and a bit inclined towards insanity (that’s made up, just joking). Long story short: Please don’t try this at home anywhere!


Crazy three story backyard water slide with 16 foot jump!

What would you do if your parents went out of town for 10 days? These folks (in the video above), ended up making a crazy three story backyard water slide with 16 foot jump! It took them seven days of intense labor to complete the construction of what is now known as Ron’s Slip n Slide Extravaganza.

Fishing in Alaska…sucks!

Check this video to believe why life in arctic is so demanding, especially fishing. Until now, I recognized ‘Deadliest Catch’ as the riskiest think people did in the arctic, but the hardship/risk involved in filling your abdomen is at equilibrium throughout the world. This video is not only humorous, but if you dig deep down, my message can be visualized.

Alpine farmers harvest snow – What’s global warming?

Anyone unfamiliar with the word ‘Global Warming’? Did I hear…yes…oh dear, were you hibernating or something! Check this out: Alpine farmers harvest snow! Low altitude ski resorts in Austria are buying snow from higher altitudes, despite a freezing winter.

Adding salt to injury, the biggest snow harvesters (Austria) i.e Grossglockner Hochalpenstrassen AG (GroAG) are getting orders to make a delivery to Legoland in Guenzberg, Germany, i.e 500 miles away. Wake up guys, it’s now or never!

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Coolest cake ever – A dragon cake!

Just curious, why do we need a cake for every special occasion? Bith your birthday, wedding and even divorce cakes for that matter. I mean, where did it all begun, and what’s the reason behind it? Anyway, check out the cake above – a dragon cake! Must be expensive, umm, why do spend so much on our birthdays? Well, just forget it and enjoy this beautiful/delicious piece of art.

Via: Gearfuse

Alcohol Wine Glass Lampshade Candle Lamp!

One of my New Year resolutions is to quit drinking! But until I dispose off those wine glasses (my dusk companions), somehow the urge seems to revive automatically. First I thought, lemme just chuck them in the bin, but why so? Just because I cannot control myself, doesn’t give me a right to do away with anything and everything.

Caught in a fix, I came across an ‘Alcohol Wine Glass Lampshade Candle Lamp’, which could convert my dusk companion into a beautiful light source. By placing a candle in a glass, with those shade on, my problem was sorted. If you too are on the same page, just bring home this set of three (lamp shades) for € 14.00 and enjoy the difference.


Heavy discount on i-Lit pinky color changing speakers!

Care for a heavy discount? This site offers a huge discount worth £33 on this i-Lit pinky color changing speaker, originally costing £39.99. To cut a long story short: £6.99 is the current price! Owing to the LED lights inside, lights illuminate/change automatically according to the music.Even when unplugged, these speakers respond to the background noise in the room.

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