The A to Z of books: Cool settings for a studious environment

While keeping books, I always keep one thing in mind that they don’t get damaged, but I never ever could think of such a fantastic way to keep them. It’s known that books are an immense source of information, but with this applauding innovation one can give life to a dull room. Thomas Fuller rightly said, “A book that is shut is but a block”.

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Paper Clothing – Do not iron!

Leather outfits are a darling for all fashion lovers, but here I seek your attention on a paper outfit. This cool fabric is a blend of cloth and rice paper. One can doubt on its durability, but its fresh, tempting design will magnetize your eyes and will separate you from the crowd.

Illuminating milk glass

Children have a fancy for a designed milk-glass. Some want dragons featured on it while some would prefer superman, here is a totally cool thing for the children, glowing LED glass. This glass of milk comes with glowing LED and it is powered by three AA batteries. This cool glass must enlighten your mood and also look good in the dim light.

Proofing against hurricane

Each year hurricanes cause unprecedented damage to life and property in the US. Storm-A-Rest is a fabric made from Honeywell Spectra fiber to protect homes from the whirling storm. It is 15 times stronger than steel and light enough to float in water. Spectra’s slippery polyethylene strands provide waterproof coating. It is available in more than 300 colors or patterns, allowing a home or business owner to get protection with style.

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Sounds Butter: Walking stick with bell

Walking stick is an indissoluble part of oldies and the blind – oldies use it to defy the gravity and it’s the eye of the blinds. Traditional one meets the all requirement, which we can see, but Sounds Butter has different view for it and treating it as a mobility device. This innovative group has installed a bell and mirror on it, which will comfort them to easily wade throw the crowd.

Obama action figures for proud citizens

President Barack Obama’s popularity has eroded all spheres. The internet is flooded with his name, his journey from the virtual world has now reached action figures – it may be time before he is seen at the Madame Tussauds, till then, we will satiate ourselves with Jailbreak Toys and Brooklyn music and design store Halcyon made action figures of the President.

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Get sporty with sports ball chair

Sports themed objects are perennial sizzlers. Here is a new product for this league, the sports ball chair. VIP Seating has accomplished this distinctive work with high-quality nappa leather and chromium. The Germany based manufacturer has uniquely shaped these chairs in basketball, soccer, golf, and tennis ball themes.
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