Back-flip in a wheelchair, a world record to beat!

Aaron Fotheringham (16 years old), has become an inspiration for many differently- abled people across the globe. His will power and firm determination has earned him a world record for back flipping in a wheelchair. Born in 1991, Aaron suffered form Spina Bifida and has been using wheelchair and crutches since the age of three. Some people are born to lead, no matter what the circumstances are; they still manage to bridge the gap. People like Aaron and Oscar Pistorius – “the fastest man on no legs“, are prime examples when it comes to determination and will power. Life is a stage, no matter what happens, the show must go on! Don’t forget to check out his unofficial tricks after the jump.

“I think it’s fantastic,” his mother, Kaylene Fotheringham, said. “So often we said ‘we think he is the first one,’ but today we know he has the world record.”

Via: WorldRecordsAcademy

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