Bandai Tuttuki Bako Toy

Bandai Tuttuki Bako Toy

The Japanese can come up with some of the wackiest stuff ever, and Bandai Japan is equal to the task with its Tuttuki Bako. This toy comes with a display that shows a digital replica of your finger the moment you insert it into a hole located on the right side of the device while wiggling it. Sounds rather juvenile, and I am pretty sure a fair number of us will let out an unexpected snigger or two. With your wriggling translated into a digital fingertip movement, you will be able to play with a panda bear or tiny figure, explore a lake and even touch a girl’s face. Too bad the feeling of touch is not simulated, so you’ll have to rely on your imagination for this. The battery-powered Tuttuki Bako is also a clock and will retail for $30, with no word on whether it will be marketed or exported outside of Japan or not.

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