Beautiful Sunrises all over the World

If you are in Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Asia, or in other continents you share a beautiful sunrise with the rest of the human race. Under one sky we share one sun that provides different beautiful sunrises viewed from atop the mountains, from sandy beaches, through the trees in the forest, on polar glaciers, or from the dunes in the desert. Beautiful sunrises wake us all up to a new day, each day a chance for us to shine.

Foggy Meadow Sunrise, Corvallis, Oregon

Giant Heather at Sunrise, Mount Sabinyo, Rwanda
Horse Farm Sunrise, Versailles, Kentucky
Icebergs at Sunrise, Derickson Bay, Alaska
Kapa’a Sunrise, Kauai, Hawaii
A New Day Begins, Everglades National Park
Bald Cypress Trees at Sunrise, Reelfoot National
Dawn Breaking, St. Joseph Peninsula, Florida
Dawn Sky, Cades Cove, Great Smoky National Park

Fog at Sunrise, Pelican Valley, Yellowstone National Park

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