BenQ DC C1060 Digital Camera

BenQ DC C1060 Digital Camera

BenQ has yet another digital camera for the masses – this time round in the form of the DC C0160. This 10 megapixel shooter comes with the following :-

  • 3x optical zoom
  • Records 720 x 400 videos in 16:9 format at 30fps
  • 2.7″ LCD screen

  • ISO 3200

  • Manual settings (aperture, shutter)

  • 22MB internal memory

  • SDHC memory card slot

Nice to see BenQ include a leather grip so that butterfingers like me won’t have to suffer the heartache of seeing a new gizmo hit the concrete with a sickening crunch. There is no word on pricing or availability of the DC C1060 as at press time.

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