Biotronik Receives EU Approval

Biotronik Receives EU Approval

The European Union has approved Biotronik’s latest home monitoring system that is meant for wireless communication between implantable devices and physicians who are at the clinic. Further details are as follows.

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring has integrated a traffic-light, severity-based display of patients’ status to easily identify the most important information with just one click, allowing physicians to quickly review the clinical status of patients at a glance. The system provides one continuously updated and consolidated online CardioReport which includes physicians’ acknowledgements and review actions to minimize alert notifications to the most clinically relevant. Easy to read clinical information, including heart failure and atrial fibrillation diagnostics, an intracardiac electrogram, IEGM-Online HD, (a tracing representing the heart’s electrical activity similar to an ECG but taken from inside the heart) as well as information related to device integrity is automatically available on the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system. Physicians can also customize alert-parameters on an individual or group patient basis, via the secured website, to ensure consistent patient triage. In addition, using BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring physicians and clinics can establish collaborative care management networks to optimize cardiovascular patient coordination and to enhance workflow efficiencies within one or more clinics.

Well, if this can help save lives and prevent untimely deaths, I’m all for it being rolled out promptly without causing additional financial burdens on the patients.

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