BlackBerry Bold Gets Special QWERTY Keyboard

BlackBerry Bold Gets Special QWERTY Keyboard

Assuming you get one in Taiwan, of course. RIM will be releasing the BlackBerry Bold in Taiwan via Taiwan Mobile with a “hybrid QWERTY-BoPoMoFo” keyboard (don’t laugh at the last part of the name, folks!) which has been specially enhanced for Chinese input to cater to the Taiwanese market. In addition to ordinary characters and alphanumeric symbols, it also boasts Chinese characters which are depicted in orange color and located at the bottom right side of the keys. Supported languages include Simplified Chinese with Pinyin, CangJie and WuBiHua, Traditional Chinese with Jyutping and CangJie. Perfect for Taiwanese who want to browse websites in Chinese as well as compose emails in that language. You can pick up this special Bold version for approximately $662 as a standalone handset.

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