Bluetooth 3.0 prepped for launch on April 21

Everyone is aware of the Bluetooth technology which totally changed the era of modern wireless communication few years back. With the advent of this technology, the cell phone users didn’t have to stick around with each other for their multimedia files to transfer through the slow and low range medium of Infra-Red. Now people had a range of 1 meter or more, to transfer their files among each other, and therefore stay connected.

The advent of Bluetooth technology was with Bluetooth version 1.2 which had a slow transfer speed. Then, the technology advanced on with the advent of Bluetooth version 2.0, which had better transfer speeds and higher ranges then its predecessor. Bluetooth 2.0 has really reined the inter-cell phone multimedia communication, until recently.

The Bluetooth communications is planning a major breakthrough in Bluetooth technology with the integration of 802.11 technologies into Bluetooth, and upgrading it to version 3.0; with this advancement the users will have the privilege to transfer their multimedia content with blazing fast speeds of 802.11 wireless technologies, over their Bluetooth protocol. This does not mean that they have to transfer their connection onto a Wi-Fi connection; all they have to do is turn on their Bluetooth connection, and start transferring files onto another handset with the Bluetooth version 3.0 supports. The Bluetooth protocols would start communicating between each other at the blazing fast speeds of 802.11 wireless networks. They can now transfer huge multimedia content amongst their phones, without having to worry about the long hours the process is going to take, as with the 802.11 technology the files will be transferred at bolstering fast speeds. As soon as they are done transferring the file, their Bluetooth connection would switch back to earlier Bluetooth version protocol with the transfer speed of 3 MB per second, utilizing the same low battery power like before.

This advancement is supposed to be released in the general public on April 21st, 2009. Once the new standard is announced by Bluetooth SIG, it won’t be long before we start seeing Bluetooth version 3.0 enabled handsets in the market, and people transferring movies through their cell phones like they were just transferring some mp3 songs or wallpapers.

Some brands of phones do show concern over this technology though, as their batteries are not so heavily equipped to have an 802.11 connection go through them and still provide the user with the whole day of battery backup. This condition is being worked on, and hopefully will be resolved by the time this technology actually hits the market in the form of handsets.

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