Boxee, the Social Media Center, available for the AppleTV

Boxee for the AppleTV

Scott Davilla, a developper for the ATV-bootloader project, has adapted the AppleTV so people can install Boxee as an AppleTV plugin using an AppleTV’s , or atv, bootloader on a USB flash drive.

Boxee is a media center based on XMBC that has a social component: in addition to browse and play media content from the computer or the internet, users can share it with their friends, send them recommendations etc…

The ATVUSB-creator installation is pretty technical and Boxee is still in private alpha, we might be able to get a few invitations for our readers. I did not test either Boxee or the ATV bootloader yet , so for those who already have an access code and want to try it for the AppleTV, read after the jump for the step by step “how-to” (provided by Boxee).

What level of geekness do you think you need to try this?

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