Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Mobile Eyewear

Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Mobile Eyewear

Carl Zeiss is a name often associated with digital camera lens, but this time round we have the Cinemizer – a portable home cinema goggles that weighs just 0.25 pounds, letting you feel as though you were watching a movie on a 39″ display. The Cinemizer is powered by the cell phone it is connected to, while the built-in rechargeable battery is able to play movies continuously for up to 4 hours before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet. It works with the Nokia N96, N95 and the iPhone (what about iPhone 3G?). Features include an ear-slider, adjustable earphones and interchangeable nose pads to cater for various head sizes. No word on pricing or availability though, but this is just way too cool.

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