CEATEC KDDI Booth: Quick Tour (photos)

KDDI Booth Quick Tour (photos)
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[CEATEC 2008] KDDI is one of the wireless carriers in Japan, it’s not the biggest, but I found them to be usually very creative and sensitive to design. We’ve already mentioned the KDDI au design project that features very creative phones, but I took the time to add more photos of the booth at CEATEC. Here are a few highlights:

  • KDDI au box: a media box that syncs content from KDDI’s Lismo store onto the cellphone. I’m not sure why it doesn’t happen over the network, but KDDI doesn’t want a third-party like Apple to get the distribution.
  • Au Smart sports: A phone with a Podometer. This is probably something that can be done with any phone that has a decent accelerometer, but KDDI seems to have a decent suite of applications that go with it. Sharp was also showing a similar device – but not the apps.<
  • Uber-fast wireless transfer: Short-distance 1Gbit/sec data transfer via laser (R&D project.
  • A boatload of phones: I’m still amazed at how light they are, in comparison to their size.

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