Clockwork Hand – Steampunk-themed hand mechanism!

Do you have an obsession for weird things? If yes, then Astalo’s ‘Clockwork Hand’ has that element of surprise waiting for you. This steampunk-themed ‘hand mechanism’, looks more like a robotic wrist limb. It is, however, a mechanism that moves your fingers (for short time though). It took him almost two months and some brass, silver, steel, leather and parts of one old alarmclock to make this functional metal work.

Astalo comments:

Weird steampunk-themed “hand mechanism” what I made from brass, silver, steel, leather and some parts of one old alarmclock. (like gears and spring etc.)

Making take almost two months and it’s probably the most complex metalwork what I have ever done. Mechanism really works and it move users fingers a short brief of time. (Unfortunately that steel spring is not very strong.)

Via: SteampunkWorkshop

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