Corsair Power Is Power-Efficient And Quiet

Corsair Power Is Power-Efficient And Quiet

Corsair has just rolled out its latest range of quiet, and energy-efficient desktop computer power supplies known as Corsair Power without breaking the bank. This new series will kick off with the CX400W, a 400 watt model that comes with a wide range of connectors to make it work with majority of today’s computers. Fully-sleeved cables inside are also long enough to make them suitable for some of the tallest cases in the market. Features include an energy-efficient design and Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuitry that enables the Corsair CX400W to deliver over 80% efficiency ratings. In effect, it is able to run at low temperatures without consuming much energy – imagine what the effect is like in an entire office instead of just a solitary computer in your room! You will be able to pick up the Corsair Power CX400W and CMPSU-400CX for approximately $60 a pop.

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