Creative solution for integrating your flat-panel TV!

‘Furniture- Mate, an elegant solution to mounting flat panel televisions’

For all those who have a flat panel Television can look at Salamander’s Designs as the best way out to mounting their televisions.Salamander has come up with a universal, floor-standing, flat panel TV mount with a manual and motorized swivel, that keeps the cables out of site. A sustainable design for sorts of problems.

The Synchro Furniture slides in behind your cabinet, giving out a look of a fairly graceful wall mount. The type of design can hold televisions up to a weight of 110lbs and at the same time features an adjustable height. The product is elegant, well finished and of course a long lasting one. The design is slightly of higher cost ($ 599), but the cost can be regarded as the price of your comfort.

Via: Gizmodo

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