Dead man has a phone but doesn’t answer

What’s life after death? Well, Jacobs’ family does have an answer! It a very moving story about a defense lawyer named John Jacobs and his family, residing in New York. It’s about intimacy, relationship, emotions, love and a cell phone. Yes, a cell phone! John died around three years ago, but still receives voice-mail messages from his loved ones.

His family buried him with his fully charged Motorola T720, with his wife (Marian Seltzer) still paying for his monthly $55 phone bill. Having doubts? Go visit his grave where his phone number is etched into his gravestone under the worlds “Rest in Peace.”
When dialed, it says: “Hi. You’ve reached the voice mail of John Jacobs. After you hear the beep, leave a voice mail and I will return your call.”

I’m totally moved! Marian keeps her husband updated from sports news to how their sons are doing. She says: “Some people talk to God; I talk to my deceased husband.”



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