Dell Releases M6400 Covet Notebook

Dell Releases M6400 Covet Notebook

Dell hopes that you will live up to its latest notebook’s namesake – the M6400 Covet. It shares many of the high end options that are available in the Precision line, including the following :-

  • 17″ LED backlit display

  • NVIDIA Quadro FX3700M 1GB video card

  • Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 2.53GHz processor

  • 2GB RAM (max. 16GB)

  • 160GB hard drive with free fall sensor

Seems that the Dell website offers an option to throw in a 17″ RGB display for those who are involved in desktop publishing and similar industries. Prices for the Precision M6400 Covet starts from $3,900 upwards.

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