Disease spotting cell phone!

What can you do with your cell phone? Umm… apart from its basic function you can just text, email, surf the web, pay for merchandise, take pictures and watch movies. That’s not all; you can test your blood and detect diseases like HIV and malaria as well. Stunned! Dr. Aydogan Ozcan at UCLA has developed a technique that converts a cell phone into disease detection equipment by attaching LEDs, plastic light filter and some wires to a Sony Ericsson w810i camera phone.

Currently, Ozcan’s software for analyzing the images must be run on a desktop computer, but his plans include loading the software into a hand-held device that could provide both imaging and analysis on the spot. This could not only improve turn-around time for diagnosis at the doctor’s office, but could revolutionize diagnostic medicine in third-world countries where labs are as scarce as the money to equip them.

Via: Geeksaresexy/Trendhunter

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