Draganflyer X6 Aerial Camera Helicopter

Draganflyer X6 Aerial Camera Helicopter

The Draganflyer X6 is a miniature helicopter that is able to shoot videos from above, and the beauty of this is you need not be limited to a single type of camera since it uses interchangeable modules that allow you to switch between high definition video, still images, low light and thermal imaging cameras. This remote controlled wonder relies on a 6-rotor design so that a smooth, balanced flight can be achieved, while the integrated GPS system makes sure that your precious X6’s location is at hand at all times. There are 11 on-board sensors as well as a custom application code that will stabilize the flyer automatically according to the wind conditions around, and should you lose the remote signal, it will land itself automatically (and safely, I hope) while transmitting its position to your via GPS. Be prepared to break the bank for this as the Draganflyer X6 costs a whopping $14,995.

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