Dream Arcades Octane 120

Dream Arcades Octane 120

Drinking and driving are definitely not recommended due to your safety and that of other road users, but drinking then driving should be fine. I jest – if you’re out for a fun night, better take a cab or pass your keys to a designated driver. What happens if you decide to have a little booze filled driving session in the comfort of your home? That would mean forking out $7,000 for the Octane 120 from Dream Arcades that boasts a couple of taps, with one directly next to the steering wheel. Nice to see Dream Arcades include a cup holder right under the tap for you to refill during those loading moments, but chances are you won’t beat your personal best after knocking back a few pints. Other features on the Octane 120 include :-

  • Home theater PC specifications
  • HD video projector (throws a 122” image)
  • 5.1 sound system
  • 200 licensed games
  • PS3 compatibility

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