Electric Porsche 911

Electric Porsche 911

Does the word electric and Porsche go hand in hand? I guess so, judging by the work that Ruf Automobile GmbH has done by churning out an electric version of the Porsche 911 called the eRUF Model A.

Under the hood, a 150kW (201hp) brushless three phase A/C electric motor that can generate an impressive 480 lb.-ft. of torque and a lithium-ion iron-phosphate battery pack made of 96 160Ah Axeon cells and a sophisticated monitoring system to make sure it doesn’t overheat. It accelerates from zero to 100 kph in less than seven seconds and has a top speed of 225 kph (140 mph). Estimated range per charge is 250 kilometers to 320 kilometers (155-199 miles), depending on performance level, using a 50.72 kWh lithium-ion iron-phosphate pack from Axeon plc.

Not as fast as a regular Porsche, but still fast enough to smoke other standard sedans.

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