Elmo Live! Introduced

Elmo Live! Introduced

Parents, brace your wallets. Fisher-Price has officially introduced the Elmo Live! toy that will certainly cause quite a stir this holiday season. Elmo Live! first debuted at the New York Toy Fair earlier this February, and is tipped to follow its predecessors in being a hot ticket item for Christmas. This Elmo toy appears to be speaking naturally with its mouth opening and closing as words spill out just like his Sesame Street counterpart. In addition, his mannerisms are spot on, featuring a head that bobs while he speaks. Not only that, Fisher-Price has included the appropriate body language such as leg crossing and arm waving. In a nutshell, “Elmo Live! delivers a rich play experience that is engaging and interactive. While the level of technology and reality is truly innovative, Fisher-Price hasn’t forgotten that the people who really need to be wowed are the preschoolers who adore Elmo. It’s as close to being with Elmo in the fur as any toy has ever been!” Set aside $59.99 in order to not disappoint your kid(s).

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