Encounter with the M-Cody C10D PMP

Encounter with the M-Cody C10D PMP

[CEATEC 2008] I don’t remember seeing this device before, so let me do the introductions: The M-Cody C10D is a player that can receive DVB-T digital TV, play video/music files, receive FM radio and even act as a voice recorder (although not a very good one, because the microphone doesn’t look so great). It works with Mac and PCs and supports western and Asian languages. (M-Cody, is a known Korean portable multimedia player or “PMP” manufacturer)

Quick specifications

  • 2.4” LCD display (260k colors), unknown resolution (I suspect 320×240)
  • DVB-T digital TV
  • Video: avi, mpeg 1/2/4, wma9 (30fps max)
  • Music: wma or mp3
  • Battery: 12h (audio), 6h (video)

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