Epson Netbook: Atom, XP and 160GB of storage

Atom, XP and 160GB of storage

With the economic pressure and given the success of Netbooks (they are everywhere on the shelves of Akihabara, the “electronics” neighborhood in Japan) Japanese companies are getting into the race. After Toshiba and NEC, it’s the turn of Epson to get into the fight, with a Netbook that has pretty standard specifications and set to be released sometimes in November:

  • Windows XP Home
  • Atom CPU 1.6Ghz
  • 10.2″ display (1024×600)

  • Intel 945GSE integrated graphics

  • 160GB HDD

  • WIFI B/G, Wired Ethernet

The strange thing: apparently, our sources calls it the mini note… just like the HP mininote. (huh?)

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