Epson Photo Fine LCDs Target Cell Phone Use

Epson Photo Fine LCDs Target Cell Phone Use

Epson has developed a new line of Photo Fine HR transflective amorphous silicon TFT (a-TFT) liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that are meant to be used in mobile devices such as portable media players and cell phones. With Photo Fine HR (High Reflect), the display is able to deliver high visibility without guzzling down too much juice, and is flexible and visible enough to function across a wide range of both indoor and outdoor situations. The new Epson transflective LCDs will rely on a transmissive mode with light whenever you are in a darker environment, while in well-lit surroundings, the reflective mode will take advantage of the surrounding light to further reduce backlight power consumption. Available in 3″ and 3.5″ sizes, samples of the new Photo Fine HR-equipped LCDs will ship later this month, so hopefully we’ll see new devices bearing these displays in the near future.

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