Fido Rolls Out Pink Nokia 3500

Fido Rolls Out Pink Nokia 3500

The candybar Nokia 3500 is now available in pink from Fido, but at first glance you can’t really tell because the pink bits are restricted to the directional pad and keypad which light up when pressed. This extremely minor upgrade won’t cost you a penny more compared to the vanilla version of the 3500, as it will be available with the following plans :-

  • $15 a month with a 3-year contract
  • $90 for a 2-year contract
  • $100 for a standalone phone

Sounds like pretty good bang for your buck, considering the 2 megapixel camera, integrated music player and built-in FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, tri-band GSM support and a microSD memory card slot are there to round off the list of features.

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