Flying Car To Be A Reality

Flying Car To Be A Reality

Yes, you read that right. A Flying Car is set to become real as a team at Terrafugia is working on the Transition which will roll out at the end of next year with a whopping price tag of $194,000. The Transition will not only get you places, it does so in style, even when there’s a gridlock. This pusher prop features four wheels (like any other proper car should) and two 10-foot wide wings. Specially designed to comply to automotive crash safety standards, you can also choose to throw in a full-vehicle parachute. The gas-powered Transition has a flying range of approximately 450 miles, with the first flight taking place sometime next month. I wonder just how long the runway must be before it takes off. No point forking out 194 grand for this if all you have is a driving license.

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