Freehands Gloves Lets You Text During Winter

Freehands Gloves Lets You Text During Winter

This pair of Freehands Gloves is pretty unique since it allows you to continue using your iPhone normally in winter while keeping both your hands warm and cozy. Of course, a little bit of chill will enter each time you want to do some speed typing on your device, but that situation can be easily remedied once you’re done by closing the thumb and index finger tips. These foldable sections rely on tiny magnets to remain folded back whenever they are not in use. There are currently a trio of unisex styles to choose from – Fleece, Stretch and Leather, with sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. Too bad it comes in only one color – black, taking a page out of Henry Ford’s book. The Fleece, Stretch and Leather gloves will retail for $20, $30 and $40 a pair, respectively.

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