Freestyle Soundwave Waterproof MP3 Player

Freestyle Soundwave Waterproof MP3 Player

Just as those who go jogging listen to MP3s on the go, you can now listen to your favorite MP3s underwater when swimming thanks to the Freestyle Soundwave waterproof MP3 player. Just make sure you don’t go below 10 feet and you’ll be fine. The shock resistant Soundwave is able to store up to 2GB of data, which should be sufficient unless you plan to swim across the English Channel Other features include MP3, WMA and DRM protected file support, an integrated FM tuner and a blue OLED display. Good thing this device floats if it happens to slip off during one of your more vigorous swims, and the included earbuds are waterproof as well. If you want to pick this up, it will retail for $90 in blue and $10 more for the camouflaged version.

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