Freeverse Rolls Out Tranquility Application

Freeverse Rolls Out Tranquility Application

Are you feeling rather down and out because of the current economic climate? Well, things can’t be that bad for you if you happen to own an iPhone, right? Freeverse has your back in case you’re still feeling uptight about that paper loss on Wall Street which translates into a lower quality of life on Main Street, thanks to the Tranquility application that targets both iPhone and iPod touch users. Features of this software include :-

  • Touch-and-swipe controls
  • Simple interface
  • Custom-length soundtracks
  • Endless loop mode
  • Dynamic-range inspiring graphics
  • 60-minute relaxation and meditation track

The whole experience is not only visual but aural, since you will be able to select from the following calming wallpapers – Zen Meditation, Ocean Waves, Flowing Water, Rain, White Noise, Thunderstorms and Mechanical Hums. Heck, I’m sure you have at least $0.99 to spare no matter how hard times are now.

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