Fuloong Mini Netbook From Lemote

Fuloong Mini Netbook From Lemote

Lemote, a Chinese computer and chip maker also wants in on some netbook action by rolling out the 7″ Fuloong Mini. this machine measures a mere 190mm x 145mm x 37mm, and tips the scales at 850 grams, potentially making it one of the lightest netbooks around. Let’s take a look at the innards to see if it is worth dropping some serious coin on it or not.

  • MIPS64-compatible Loongson 2F processor (600MHz to 800MHz)

  • 512MB RAM

  • 80GB hard drive

  • Four USB 2.0 ports (most netbooks have three)

  • Ethernet connectivity

It is not confirmed whether the Fuloong Mini netbook will have Wi-Fi connectivity or not, and we have no idea on how much this thing costs either.

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