Funny/Silly Haircuts on the Internet : Pictures

The internets is great at bringing us together with its fancy social networking sites and RSS-reading iPhones. But its also great for finding pictures of first-class douche jockeys. Like these guys/girls, all of whom had the audacity good sense to let themselves — and their haircuts — be photographed and uploaded for our viewing pleasure.

These three hair explorers carved full-on faces onto the tops of their heads. The dude on the left’s hair sculpture looks kinda look Jerry Garcia, while the dude in the center looks a lot like The Edge from U2. But who’s the mysterious rocker on the right, David Crosby?

Here are three more backside ‘dos, or more accurately, backside don’ts. The one in the middle is an ancient Chinese proverb which translates to: “There are always ears on the other side of the wall. And on both sides of this ridiculous haircut.”

Too bad this guy didn’t resist the urge to shave something stupid into his hair.

It’s great to root for your favorite sports team. It’s also great to root for these guys to get a new barber.

At least these three fucktards tried to do something stylish with their stupid haircuts.

Graphics and haircuts should never go together. Angles? Sure. Shapes? Ok. Graphics? Never, ever, never.

These kids deserve a hand for their daring ‘dos.

Second perhaps only to new wave, punk has some of the most disastrous hairstyles of any musical genre. We dig the Misfits devil locks, and a good mohawk looks totally tough, but these chicks take things a bit too far.

There have been volumes devoted to the glory of the mullet, but we’d be remiss not to include this pair. The younger chap combines three or four hair don’ts into a single style, while Mr. Wrong over on the right goes shirtless to give us his best Joe Dirt. Quick someone register

Dude on the left: Rat tail? Check. Shaved sides? Check. Cupid’s arrow? Check mate. Dude on the right: “No, I said make it look ironic and shitty, not like a guy shitting!”

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