G-FI VS: The Latest Wi-Fi Gaming Device In Your Hand

Even though you might be well-aware with the LAN based multi user gaming in your PC/Notebooks, but still let me have an insight into it. Normally you connect each of the computers to a LAN network using either a physical HUB or Switch and then you can enjoy playing games with others in the same LAN network. Hub is the interface/device that connects all the devices in a LAN Network.

But if you want such a thing i.e. multiplayer LAN based gaming in your Wi-Fi based devices like Wi-Fi enabled mobiles, IPhone, Notebooks, etc. then you need to connect all these Wi-Fi devices wirelessly to form a Wireless LAN network. So here our master gadget G-FI VS comes into picture. It’s a wireless HUB which can be used to connect several WI-FI devices to form a wireless LAN network and you can play all the multiplayer LAN based games in your Notebooks and IPhones just in the same way you do in PC with physical wired connection.

The G-Fi VS from PosiMotion is not only a normal wireless Hub, but a wireless gaming hub in fact the world’s first such gaming hub, so you can use it hassle free to play multiplayer network games on WI-FI/WLAN. This G-Fi VS hub being light weighted (at 70 grams) is handy to carry with you every time and at your favourite place you can enjoy playing multiplayer games with your friends who need to connect to the hub via Wi-Fi present in their gaming devices. The built-in lithium ion battery is powerful enough to ensure – your gaming spirit remains high every time. The battery lasts 6 hrs. of continuous gaming and can be recharged any time using USB chargers.

Coming to the technical specifications of the G-Fi VS wireless gaming hub, the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi standard is supported and maximum distance/range in which the devices can connect to this Wi-Fi hub is of 100 Ft. About 200 Wi-Fi multiplayer gamers can connect to this G-Fi VS hub simultaneously and play with each other using their Wi-Fi phones, PDAs and Notebooks. Besides being crafted to support multiplayer online Wi-Fi gaming the G-Fi VS hub can also be used for normal Wi-Fi connectivity between several Wi-Fi enabled devices and you can share files, media etc. like you did in LAN with a physical hub. With this wireless router you can connect to any Wi-Fi devices via Ad-Hoc if you could not connect directly.

The list of devices that are supported and can be connected using this hub are – IPhone, IPhone 3G, IPod Touch (1st and 2nd Generation), Mobiles-PDAs running Microsoft Windows Mobile and Notebooks/Mac books/Anything with Windows Vista/XP or Linux or Mac OS and all the devices that supports Wi-Fi Ad-Hoc connectivity. The mechanism with which the wireless hub operates is quite simple – The hub which is also a wireless router assigns logical IP addresses to the Wi-Fi devices that connect to it and using the IP address the data packets are routed from source to destination. The G-Fi VS wireless gaming hub is available at $149 which may not be cheap because we know how cheap the physical hubs are priced. A USB power adapter, mini USB cable and user guide comes with the G-Fi VS and are helpful. So its really a very interesting piece of gaming device that you would love to use.

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