Garmin Nuvi 510 Targets European Market

Garmin Nuvi 510 Targets European Market

Since it would be pretty pointless to have a GPS navigation device that does well in every part of the world (in terms of maps) as not many people have the envious lifestyle of jetting from one continent to another, Garmin has decided to release the Nuvi 510 to those who live in Europe only. This GPS system features regional maps of Benelux, Italy and Greece as well as Spain and Portugal. Folks living in the US might think that the Nuvi 510 looks familiar – and for good reason, too, since it is known as the Nuvi 500 across the pond. Our European brethren are expected to fork out around €300 for the Garmin Nuvi 510 and they will enjoy a 3.5″ touch screen display, an 8 hour battery life, FM traffic support and a microSD memory card slot. What, no Bluetooth connectivity or MP3 playback? Bummer!

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