GeoCane Felix Concept

GeoCane Felix Concept

Felix Hardmood Beck has conceptualized the GeoCane that brings the idea of a divining rod to help you map out a path that nobody else has done before, making you a true blue trekker. According to him, “The goal of this project was to translate the central aspects and values of the pilgrimage into a digital object – a new interpretation of the traditional walking-cane: The GeoCane. This new cane shows various references to the historic and modern pilgrimage, as well as historic and modern forms of navigation. By using the GeoCane, the user receives a new understanding of the historic identity of pilgrimage. Geographical coordinates for a specific goal are loaded onto the GeoCane through a docking-station. Throughout the Neo-Pilgrimage an integrated microchip traces the chosen path, so that you are never guided on an already known road. By a slight vibration at grasping hight, the cane leads the way for the user. The place of destination remains unknown for the user and is not of such great importance as the path in itself.” Perfect for those long summers, eh, when you’re itching for an adventure.

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