Golfotron Lets You Golf 24/7

Golfotron Lets You Golf 24/7

If you’re a golf nut who can’t get enough of the game, then might I suggest the Golfotron? This golf simulator allows you to get your game on no matter what the weather condition is like, although it will most likely dig into your kids’ college savings. Powered by Sports-Coach Systems and coupled with the most up-to-date GPS 3D CustomPlay Program, you will be able to view the ball traveling down the fairway in an extremely realistic manner. Some of the features in the package are :-

  • Sports-Coach Powered Simulator Mat
  • Sports-Coach Powered Putting Mat
  • GPS 3D Simulator Program with an unlimited number of courses
  • Aluminum extrusion enclosure
  • Modular platform with rubber cushioned grass-like carpet
  • Silent projection screen
  • PC running on Windows XP
  • 17″ touch screen monitor

Updates to the system are free with each purchase.

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