Gunnar Optiks i-AMP Digital Eyewear

Gunnar Optiks i-AMP Digital Eyewear

The Gunnar Optiks i-AMP digital eyewear ought to be the spectacles of choice for all bloggers and people who spend most of their working day in front of the computer. After all, Gunnar touts that its proprietary combination of lens materials, coatings, tints and geometry is able to significantly reduce eye strain related to short and long-term computer use. By reducing ocular muscle strain, Gunnar claims this will result in a significant reduction in Digital Eye Fatigue (DEF) and “full blown” Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Guess gamers can now look like Bono while wearing these and claim to their parents that they won’t be ruining their eyes sitting in front of the PC all day (and night) long without going out for some sunlight.

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