Hand made amphibious car – 13 years is what it took!

Can you chase a dream to an extent that it becomes indispensible to back down? I like fishing, but not as much as Wang Hongjun. This Chinese electrician from Qian’an city has spent £100,000 and 13 of his precious years building himself a car he can take fishing. Finally, his dream has come true! His yellow sportscar is finally a reality. Wang claims to have taken his son for a 10 mile drive out on water, in the car with two propellers stuffed in the boot, and sealed via a remote to make it waterproof. People say he is not sharing his trade secrets, but that’s pretty understandable – Think about spending 13 years, building every bit using your own hands. Would you still let it go that easy?

He told the Beijing Times:

“I’m looking for auto producers who are interested in my creation, since I don’t want to keep it to myself.”

Wagn says:

“It’s a business secret, but I can assure you the car was made entirely by my hands. Each plate was welded by me,” he said.

Via: Ananova

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